Diamonds Were a Girls Best Friend, But Then Botox Happened.

Botox: Everyone is getting it. Everyone wants it. Everyone is scared to admit it.

Sorry, but there ain’t no shame in my preventative skin care game. Botox has been around for YEARS, but only now has it become more socially acceptable to talk about it. I am definitely a less is more type of girl. Always have been. And I think that this is a great plan to stick to. Especially if getting botox for the first time. Also, for the love of god - don’t go on Groupon to find the best deal for this. Save your money and do your research! You don’t have to look like an outcast on Real Housewives. Oops.

I get asked the most if it hurts. I have a high pain tolerance so to me, no it does not hurt. It is an injectable so they do have to use a tiny needled to give you this treatment. Topical numbing cream can be applies if you’re kinda a wuss. It is a tiny pinch at the most. And you really shouldn’t have any down time! I get it down about 2 times a year. But everyones body metabolizes it differently.

I think a great time to start getting botox is in your 20’s. When you start to develop the earliest sign of resting wrinkles, this is the best time to start treating them, before wrinkles start to stick- because lets face it, they will develop. It is truly preventive. By the time you hit 30 you will most likely already have some form of deal lines or the beginning stages of wrinkles. Using Botox can totally reverse mild lines and prevent them from developing at all. My boyfriend always tells me that he would never get it because he isn’t afraid of aging. Okay lets get this out there. I am not afraid of aging. Gracefully. I would rather do a little botox here and there to keep it all together so that I don’t need a face lift in 30 years. And I obviously use the word “need” pretty loosely. But you know what I mean.

Yes, I’ve seen some horrific frozen, and completely inappropriate botched jobs, but I’ve also seen amazing results. The key? Getting a practitioner that knows what they’re doing. I have been going to BioSpa at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery for a few years now. I see Debi. She is such a delight to visit. She also agrees that less is more and would rather give you less and have you come back to see in her two weeks to see how it settled and if you need anymore she will do it on your follow up! You can use discount code “AshleyZ10” to save 10% on your treatment.

I definitely think that botox is worth the shot. See what I did there?