Want To Feel Beautiful On The Inside? Same.

Self confidence and making myself feel beautiful is something that I still struggle with even in my 30's. I'm learning something new about myself every day.  These are some tips to follow:

1. It is important to realize your limits and understanding that nobody is perfect and the you need to stop comparing yourself to others.

2. Talk to yourself in a positive way. Stop putting yourself down. Many people talk negatively to themselves and keep saying things like "I'm not good enough.'' "I will not achieve my goals because..." "I'm depressed." among other many other negative things. When you start talking positively to yourself, you are beginning to program your mind with positive images. Whatever you program your mind with is what you attract to your life. Start talking kindly to yourself and you will be on the path to self-love.

3. Give yourself credit where credit is due! Celebrating life's little victories (getting out of bed in the morning, making your bed, matching socks, etc) are really important.

4. Take some time to study the Law of Attraction. You can literally manifest anything that your heart wants. I truly believe that the universe is all about balance and energy.

5. I know that this sounds cliché but the older that I get the more that I believe that beauty isn't something physical. It's not defined by age, gender color, body shape, or bra size.  Beauty is the way your eyes light up when you are seeing something that you love. Beauty is in your smile when you are talking about something that you are truly passionate about. Beauty is in your awkward quirks. Beauty is inside of your heart. Beauty is being helpful, honest, loyal, and trustworthy. 

Outfit by Swirl Boutique, Encinitas

Outfit by Swirl Boutique, Encinitas